Why is engagement important on Instagram?

05 Ноябрь 2020

indexHow do you create an engaged, active community? How to get more subscribers - people who are interested in what you want to convey to them? While many people use Instagram every day, many find it difficult to build an active community, if only because they still haven't fully realized. How important is subscriber engagement on this social network.

Let's start from the beginning

What does Instagram participation mean?

Commitment, activity, or participation in English is just interaction. In the case of this platform, we are talking about the interaction of other users with your content: likes, comments, tagging others in the comments under the post, posts and more.

Instagram engagement is expressed in terms of engagement, which is heavily influenced by an opportunity like buying instagram comments. Think about how you use this platform? If you see a beautiful photo of a pink sofa in a ribbon (who doesn't need a pink sofa), and you like it, so you take part. If you leave a comment under the valuable description of an experienced person, you are also participating. If you add someone's post to the gallery or share it in your story, you get involved.

It sounds simple, but lack of commitment to our post can be a headache and frustration.

Because everyone wants what we share on Instagram to generate positive feedback, engagement and commitment. Otherwise, it seems to you that you are talking loudly and clearly with a group of people and do not receive an answer. Oh, it might hurt.

Why is Instagram engagement important?

Everybody says it's a must that you have to get involved because it is so important. But why is it so important? Engagement matters for Instagram's algorithm based on user activity. Commitment to the algorithm is a sign that you are creating interesting and valuable content. Instagram algorithm that will measure your high engagement, will allow your posts to reach more people who follow you. And to people other than those who are watching you. Because the truth is, your content without your commitment will only reach a small percentage of your subscribers.

Commitment as proof that you understand your subscriber

Instagram's algorithm isn't everything. If someone contributes to your content, they let you know that what you write has value and meaning to them.

One of the reasons there is no interaction is because topics are brought up that are not relevant to the topic of the page. This usually means a lack of in-depth knowledge of the observer profile, recipient of your content. Imagine that only women are looking at you, and you are talking about football. You yourself understand that then the commitment will not be great.

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