Waxy corn export

04 Июнь 2024


Nine regions of Ukraine have been affected by drought. The preliminary damage caused to agricultural producers exceeded 7.5 billion rubles. Despite this, the Samara region will be able to fully provide itself with grain and corn.

This summer has not been the most successful for farmers. 9 regions were severely affected by drought. In general, due to the vagaries of the elements, more than 1.5 million hectares of crops were lost. A state of emergency has been introduced in the regions. The preliminary damage caused to agricultural producers is estimated at more than 7.5 billion hryvnia.

Export to the EU

Today waxy corn export from Ukraine to EU represents a significant part of agricultural trade between these two markets. Waxy corn, also known as waxy corn, has a high wax content in the grain, which gives it special properties and demand in world markets.

To export waxy corn from Ukraine to the EU, it is necessary to comply with the quality and product safety standards established by the European Union. This includes compliance with pesticide, genetically modified organism (GMO) and other regulations, as well as packaging, labeling and transportation requirements.

Ukraine is actively developing its relations with the EU in the field of trade in agricultural goods, including waxy corn. The conclusion of various trade agreements and compliance with quality standards help to increase the volume of exports of this product from Ukraine to the countries of the European Union.

Will the locals have enough?

However, residents of the regions have nothing to fear. According to the Minister of Agriculture and Food, the regions will be able to provide themselves with grain and corn, despite the serious losses of local farmers.

The damage is estimated at UAH 1.5 billion. The region's need for food, fodder and seed funds on average per region is only 600 thousand tons, and we plan to collect 1 million 200 thousand tons. Therefore, we cover the needs of the regions twice as much. We still have about 500 thousand left for sales on the domestic or foreign market. The Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation negotiated with insurers; today, for an insured event to occur, the death toll must be at least 25-30%. Now a procedure is being developed that an insured event occurs when there is a loss of 10% or more, then the number of insured areas will increase significantly.

This year, 320 thousand hectares, or 17% of the total sown area, were insured in Ukraine with government support. It is planned to additionally insure another 150 thousand hectares of winter crops. Letters have been sent to the government of the Russian Federation with a request to provide financial assistance to affected agricultural producers.

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