Methyltestosterone in bodybuilding

13 Сентябрь 2023


It was first synthesized in 1935. The structural features of the molecules of this substance determine both its better digestibility when taken orally compared to testosterone, and more pronounced estrogenic properties. Drugs containing methyltestosterone are used in medicine to treat infertility, some hormonal abnormalities associated with a lack of endogenous testosterone and prostate adenoma in men, as well as some breast or ovarian tumors in women.

The mechanism of action of methyltestosterone is a direct effect on gene expression in muscle cells, promoting the release of other hormones with anabolic effects and increasing food digestibility and conversion. Nowadays it is rarely used as a doping due to the serious consequences of using this substance. Methyltestosterone is on the WADA Prohibited List.

Side effects of methyltestosterone include liver problems, increased blood pressure, swelling and acne. In addition, women under the influence of this substance may develop male-type hair growth and masculinization of the body, including changes in voice timbre and body features. In men, methyltestosterone often causes gynecomastia - enlargement of the mammary gland due to fatty or glandular tissue, as well as oligospermia. Large doses of methyltestosterone cause testicular atrophy and infertility. In addition, experiments in mice suggest that this and other synthetic androgenic anabolics cause damage to nerve cells.

The anabolic effect of methyltestosterone is manifested not only in mammals, but also in fish. Therefore, some manufacturers add methyltestosterone to animal feed, from where it is well absorbed. However, such use of methyltestosterone is prohibited by law in the Russian Federation, the European Union and China. This is due to both the danger to the health of consumers and the fact that part of the methyltestosterone is released into the environment and affects other animals.

The drug enters the bloodstream in the shortest possible time and has a short half-life. Because Methyltestosterone is partially absorbed through the oral mucosa; there are also sublingual forms of the drug.

Methyltestosterone is a potent drug because it has a pronounced androgenic property. It is used primarily when increased aggressiveness is desired. Strongmen and weightlifters take it before heavy training and competitions, because... the androgenic effect of the drug is felt within an hour after administration, which manifests itself in increased aggressiveness, increased self-esteem, self-confidence, motivational boost, which allows you to lift more weight. In the US, Methyltestosterone is often taken by football players before matches as a stimulant.

The use of Methyltestosterone in bodybuilding is limited because... it is not very good for building strength and muscle mass over time.

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